july 2016

Enrique Ramírez

It is said that certain Indian tribes thought that we walked towards the past with the future     behind us, because the past is something that is in front of us, we can see it, whereas the future is behind us, like a blind spot, invisible and unknown… They said that the white spots (stars) that we see in the sky were holes through which the light of the universe came and that obscurity did not exist.
When night comes, the lighthouses and the world starts to light up and turn, tracing an intense but short lived line in the horizon, between sky and sea. Sailors, immersed in the vast ocean of long data, trying to decipher the route of their boats by linking the dots in the sky together, knew nevertheless, when their eyes saw an intense and luminous beam of light rotating, that land was near…
Looking from afar is looking back, as the light of the dead stars that stay visible although they have ceased to live for a long time now… 

The first thing that we see, when coming from America by boat, is the Créac’h semaphore. Every 10 seconds, we can see a light that announces that land is close by, it is the eyes of the ancient continent, the beam of an artificial star that throws lightning bolts every ten seconds to show the way to sea travellers, that often come from the New World, or from the end of the world, the Finistère… The other end of the world…
These lights indicate land or the end of it, there are the world’s signals of reference, of arrival or return, traces that guide us to a specific place, different constellations carry inside of them the memory of their own light, showing their past and their future… In the present.

Two white beams joined in rotation

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length 24 min 41 sec
Frac Bretagne collection 

I saw clouds falling towards the sky
I saw skies become overcast

I saw my eyes going blind
I saw clouds going up to the sky

I saw skies redden
I saw lights in the horizon