June 2018

Patrick Beaulieu

Leclerc Lake, Mont-Orford National Park, 3 March 2019.

The reefs subside and reveal themselves in quick successions. Ushant disappears in the fog. Here is a very favorable environment to conduct research on evanescence. During my artist’s residency at the Créac’h semaphore in June 2018, I went on a series of performative excursions on the shoreline, in search of evanescent landscapes and on the lookout for the people who inhabit them. I drifted my way through the mists and fogs so conducive to desorientation and intuitive wandering.

Since my stay at the semaphore, I have put together a set of video segments gathered from my walking itineraries, on the island and elsewhere, between January and July 2018. Segments where the lapping waves and the swell intertwine and where the fogs and horizons blend in one another through a slow “image dissolution”. These video projects entitledthe breath and the dissolutionwill be added in 2019 to a body of work combining installations, sculptures, photographs, performances, in situ/ in sociusinterventions, geopoetic maps and archives presented in different sites on the Atlantic littoral and elsewhere in the context of the project Garden islands, paradise islands.[1]

Patrick Beaulieu

Patrick Beaulieu is a transdisciplinary artist. Intrinsically linked to the question of mobility, his works establish a relationship to territories, by addressing in an empirical manner the question of geographical and social borders, but also the lines between reality and fiction. Following his interest in the concept of travel and how it can be narrated, he expands on certain intangible phenomena that surround us (migratory, meteorological, spiritual…), and to the forces that operate within. For the past twelve years, he has created through performative excursions in North America, Europe and Asia, during which he tracks the signs of a hidden geography, where political divisions fade away in light of poetic revelations. Collaborating with authors, geographers and philosophers, in 2013 he finished his trilogy of transborder odysseys “VVV” which followed the aerial trajectory of the annual migration of the Monarch butterflies overland (Vecteur Monarque, 2007), to go in pursuit of American winds for 25 days, in a sort of continental navigation (Ventury, 2010) and to abandon himself to destiny by venturing on uncharted roads (Vegas, 2012). In summer 2014, he went on a slow continental drift  in a kayak for 25 days, crisscrossing the meanders that led him from the source of a river of South Quebec to the Atlantic Ocean at the mouth of the Hudson River in New York (Méandre). Between the summer 2017 and 2018, he made the performative excursion EL PERDIDO, a Panamerican journey in search of places that do not exist. Starting point: Lost City, Oklahoma.

[1]As invited artists for the project Garden island Paradise islands, which brings together art, ecology and the poetics of the living, Patrick Beaulieu and Gilles Clément will share their perceptions of the Aix and Madame Islands during multi-sites and truant exhibitions during the summer and fall 2019. Under the artistic direction of Dominique Truco, Garden island Paradise islandsfollows a two-year and two-step process: in 2018,  the artists will be hosted on the sites; in 2019, the artists’ research and creations will be presented through exhibitions on different venues on the Charentais coastline.