june 2016

Pauline Delwaulle

In June 2016, I settled alone at the Créac’h semaphore to continue my research on the color of the sky.
I took interest in links between the shades of the sea and those of the sky, and how the weather influenced their colorimetric variations.
Every day, I took photos of the horizon and was tuned in to the sea and land weather. The VHF next to the bed or on the desk, I recorded messages of Cross Corsen, the striking announcements from Météo France and the metallic voice of marine weather that doesn’t know how to read commas.
With these materials, I then tried a computer transformation of the images before defining two monochromes: thus getting two colorimetric values, separated by a line, the horizon.
This analysis project of the blue of the sky evolved throughout the residency and still today, through projects of postal cards, wallpapers, flags…
Upon my return from Ushant, I made a series of blue flags from the shades of different nice weather blue skies. Between the Tibetan prayer flag that is deciphered by the wind of the mountains, the ex-voto that begs for the weather to be clement for the departing sailors, the swimming flag and the cyanometer, these flags enable a different reading of the weather. I recently was able to set up this exterior flag cyanometer on the B.O.A.T. (Brittany European Superior Art School Boat) during a residency on board. The same boat that had also come to Ushant during that period.
This research continues nowadays with the project to set up my cyanometer at the top of the Mont Blanc where it was created.