june 2015

Thorsten Streichardt

Voyage de veille (Watch journey), June 2015
A cruise on board of the Créac’h Semaphore
“What do you see when you look at the sea?”

A cruise aboard the Créac’h Semaphore. The windows are blocked with paper. The captain lets himself be carried away by the breaking waves. The pencil floats with the sound waves of the sea, sometimes it swims against the current or dives into the light gray of its tracks. The images arrive in passing.

00:04:05.523 Monday June 8 2015, 5. 34 pm, our position is  48˚ 27‘ 33“ N, 5˚ 7‘50‘‘ W.
00:04:37.916 Hello ladies and gentlemen. My name is Thorsten Streichardt, I am the captain of the Créac’h Semaphore, welcome on board.
Our cruise will take us through the Atlantic, the Mediterranean Sea, the Caspian Sea, the Indian and Pacific Oceans, the Bering Sea, the Baltic and North Seas, towards heavenly stops, historical sites, through conflict zones, seaside resorts and famous wreckages sites. The temperature of the water is 12°C, the wind speed 5, the view is clear. We are casting off. I wish you a pleasant journey.
15:45.646 So much floating wood around us…
22:09.737 We wave to the cyclists on the harbor.
32:15.833 Ah, we are taking calmer channels.
37:17.689 Hot beverages are available in the kitchen.
40:53.779 We can’t see the shore anymore – the radar is turned on.
43:28.554 Hmm, we just brushed a reef.
45:26.813 Are these seagulls?
49:07.219 The wind has calmed down.
56:56.681 There’s a rock over there.
58:51.503 The remains of a Viking ship.
1:01:05.651 I hear a strange noise…
1:01:43.928 Look, a colony of seals.
1:06:05.004 Didn’t we already come through here – are we running in circles?
1:08:24.663 Those were indeed seagulls. But strangely, I can’t hear the sound of the motor.
1:19:10.534 I could watch the way in which the bow of the boat cuts the sea for hours.
1:23:51.192 What’s going on in the bunker? I hope the cargo is properly attached.
1:26:36.869 I need to drink something.
1:29:13.020 It’s slowly getting colder on the dock.
1:43:19.449 The radar is dented.
1:50:19.861 Not easy to catch the wind with this radar.
1:58:04.679 Oh, a shark !
2:00:29.135 The sun is setting slowly.
2:04:06.198. We are probably being spotted by numerous radars right now.
2:04:47.672 Tuesday, June 9 2015. The sun is out, the temperature is 13°C. The wind is gusty, Force 8 North-West. The temperature of the water is 13°C.
2:05:14.690 Hello ladies and gentlemen. This is the captain speaking. Our position is 48° 27‘ 33“ N, 5° 7‘ 50“ W. Soon, we will arrive at our first stop, the Cayman Islands, where we will receive a warm welcome. Currently, our cargo’s speed is 126 knots. We will reach the Georgetown Port in approximately 2 hours.
2:15:08.629 For your safety, all exists must remain closed.
2:24:32.406 Mmh, a big fish.
2:25:48.183 Or only a small one?
2:27:52.591 There’s nothing to see on the radar today.
2:32:59.008 Our course fluctuates a lot.
2:35:22.030 We have to alter our route slightly. .
2:40:53.117 Ô, we should be free like goods on international waters.
2:42:31.909 Here, I gladly let myself float on the waves.
2:50:59.899 It’s wonderful how everything works and naturally finds its place without having to do anything.
2:55:05.331 Now, let’s be a bit productive…
2:56:54.039 From here, we can see the currents and their circulation well.
3:00:20.738 Is the wind calmer today?
3:01:22.798 Over there, a fishing boat !
3:03:56.631 Hmm
3:04:34.503 Here’s a good financial spot.
3:10:46.344 What’s floating on the surface of the water ? It looks like an amphora.
3:19:38.068 We’re gaining speed.
3:23:13.145 By the way, the amphora was empty.
3:32:34.456 Ah, the first sandbanks of Cayman Islands are already there.
3:37:01.902 I wonder if this radar can find something in another radar.
3:37:34.418 With this wind the sea is unchained.
3:40:50.618 One transaction after the other.
3:41:01.706 It works to the millisecond.
3:43:14.839 With the light from the lighthouse we can’t see anything.
3:44:21.130 Now, I simply let myself float.
3:46:36.740 It’s still yesterday’s shark.
3:47:39.139 Wednesday June 10 2015. We are leaving the Georgetown dock at 8.15 pm. The wind has increased again; there is a sensational return rate of 13%.
Please refer to the general conditions and keep all exists closed.
You are asked to relax and enjoy the beautiful view while tasting one of our Greek wines for example. You can find our complete menu at “The Amphora”, our cellar on board. The next destination will be the nineteenth century.
3:54:32.331 But it was very belligerent.
3:55:59.939 The first galley yet.
4:08:38.803 A strongly contested century.
4:09:31.886 But also diplomatic.
4:10:33.655 And administrative, administrative.
4:14:18.755 I hear footsteps.
4:20:19.189 It’s a good to define all this contractually.
4:30:20.961 There are still terra incognita.
4:30:42.153 White spots on the paper.
4:43:14.044 Do I hear music ?
4:43:30.715 There are chants?
4:43:50.178 Yes, there, over there…
4:48:29.143 But there isn’t… there’s nothing.
4:53:01.700 With perseverance we will reach our goal.
4:53:43.732 And with serenity.
5:04:44.041 Now it’s raining for the first time.
5:07:42.818 A possessive pronoun ?
5:19:27.019 Or just the hand of a dead person.
5:26:10.766 I don’t know what to do anymore. Am I lost ?
5:26:32.577 Oh no, we are following the right course.
5:30:09.290 The wind is carrying us well- full sail.
5:51:08.343 Thursday June 11 1520. I think we have surpassed our objective, the nineteenth century. We are sailing along an unknown coast.5:52:16.036 It’s the captain speaking. Unfortunately our board equipment isn’t responding anymore. But we will soon find out why and carry on our trajectory. Thank you for your trust.
5:59:39.823 How long until the new motif establishes itself?
6:00:05.919 I don’t see it but that’s not surprising with this fog.
6:04:20.725 Where then is the horizon?
6:04:47.989 It can’t be far.
6:09:20.088 Another rock that’s barely out of the water.
6:09:34.499 Is this the continent yet ?
6:09:44.392 I could give it my name…
6:11:13.468 Is this the Vasco Bamada ship ?
6:11:24.259 Or what’s left of it ?
6:13:26.678 We are directing ourselves only with the horizon – nothing else.
6:14:03.924 I can’t see my pencil anymore…
6:14:16.266 Or even the stars.
6:15:14.759 Thankfully, there a lot of candles on board.
6:23:58.918 I hope we have enough pillars and coats of arms.
6:29:26.438 I don’t know if we’ll arrive one day. But maybe this isn’t so important.
6:31:22.382 Here there are two horizons. How is this possible ?
6:40:52.416 No, we can’t stay here.
6:41:08.797 Or here.
6:53:56.940 Friday June 12 2015. It’s 10.38 am. Today, the position of the Créac’h Semaphore is 48° 27‘ 33“ N, 5° 7‘ 50“ W. The weather is foggy and the temperature mild, 14 °C. No wind. Since we passed the Fire Land with success, we haven’t gone forward, it’s dead calm. Our arrival at the Maluku Islands will be delayed by about 80 days. Thank you for your comprehension.
7:54:51.288 An amphora in which the handle is in the inside – I had never seen that yet.
8:11:14.063 Do I hear mermaids ?
8:15:00.748 There’s someone…
8:28:23.097 Hmm, your skeleton is interesting. I really need an X-ray – if not the original !
8:34:21.085 June 14 2015, 5.12 am. What am I going to tell the passengers? This evening, the motor went out. If we refer ourselves to the constellation of the satellites, we are sailing along the Philippines. All the spices are leaving us, little by little.
8:40:07.286 Do you have radio contact?
8:50:57.246 A beautiful beach of white sand…
8:54:02.966 Who still needs a radar nowadays?
8:58:25.070 Hmm, we need a little more serenity.
9:02:07.272 [Ring, ring…] Thankfully, the cell phone is still working. We have signal.
9:36:47.867 The mouth/jaw wide open! The jaw wide open!
9:41:45.428 I hope we won’t get stranded – like the Olympic Bravery in 1976.
9:49:55.549 No ship in sight.
9:50:30.207 No land either !
9:54:23.354 We can’t see the most dangerous currents.
10:05:22.968 It’s the transitions that matter.
10:26:02.352 Hello ladies and gentlemen. It is Monday June 15 1984. Our luxury raft is sailing at a speed of 4G towards the Cape of Good-Hope. Our TIC specialists aboard the Créac’h Semaphore have created personal rescue profiles to organize our shipwreck  in the fairest and most agreeable manner possible. Please keep your phones connected and on.
10:29:34.396 Is the entire sea cabled?
11:15:55.600 Another rescue by air ?
11:17:17.916 Optical fibers…
11:18:06.964 Or are they electronic waste ?
11:23:51.861We must wait.
11:27:44.884 Dear passengers, the Créac’h Semaphore is lucky to be able to rely on the help of smugglers to bring us to the secured harbor of the Cape. Upon arrival, get ready to give valuable objects to contribute to the retirement fund of their associations. As soon as the technicians will have repaired the motors and machines, we will proceed with our journey. Thank you.
12:24:26.956 If only I had oil painting.
12:34:21.400 Be as light and wide as a sail.
12:35:51.232 We just need a sunset.
12:37:51.793 Still interferences, the radar needs to be adjusted.
12:42:07.513 There’s really nothing to laugh about – or maybe just a tiny bit.
12:48:00.836 A steamboat!
13:52:18.190 The dead person is there again.
13:52:36.293 Thursday June 17 6.30 pm. Our position is 48° 27‘ 33‘‘ N, 5° 7‘ 50‘‘ W. The fog is thick with a visibility at 80 cm. Dear clients, after a short stop, we are continuing our discovery trip. Please place your non-taxed goods in the quarantine area. It is situated in the virtual container on deck Q-10. One more suggestion: at Sunset, your solarium, a romantic evening awaits you.
14:38:09.254 Finally, the sea is getting agitated…
15:06:35.517 This one is sleeping like a log.
15:22:11.652 the machines aren’t very effective in this entire area.
5:25:19.840 The radar is far too fast.
15:29:11.684 With my imagination, I don’t want to follow it.

Performance at the Musée des Phares et des Balises on the island of Ushant on May 21 2017.

Two years prior, during the residency, the windows of the Créac”h Semaphore were covered with paper. The exterior sounds of the wind and the sea were amplified inside the watch room. Drawing was accompanied by the sounds of the coast, the pencil and the voice of the captain.
For his performance, Voyage de veille (Watch journey), Thorsten Streichardt continues his drawing made at the Semaphore. The layout of the paper sheets is based on the one of the windows in the watch room. A soundtrack broadcasts the recordings of the sea. The pencil is amplified. The artist continues his narration, this time taking the museum visitors with him. This maritime story about power and violence isn’t finished…